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We are committed to minimally-invasive and advanced dental caries treatments. Functionality and aesthetics are our main goals in the process of dental treatment. Therefore, in the treatment of caries, we strictly remove the dentin area and fill it with minimally invasive composites, which preserve the natural appearance of the tooth in terms of shade, transparency and texture. All components used are high quality, stable and biocompatible.

Aesthetic restoration

Aesthetic restoration is suitable for teeth that are either slightly damaged or very damaged by caries, i.e. decay. The composite materials we use can restore both enamel and dentin.

Our many years of experience have shown that the service life of aesthetic restoration work by a highly qualified dentist and the use of modern composite materials can reach up to 10 years or longer. In this case, the color of the restored teeth does not change over time.

A Superb, Low Cost Investment


Filling. This is the most common procedure in dentistry and the most frequent method of eliminating decay (caries).

After removal of the caries damage, there is obviously an exposed cavity. The fastest and most applicable solution in this case, of course, is a dental filling.

Dental composites are the most commonly used materials in dental practice.

These materials have perfect aesthetics and are particularly durable.

The filling procedure is performed on-site and instantly.

Colors can be chosen from a variety of shades.

We always select the optimum colour for you!