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Dental Implantation

In today’s day and age, the possibilities of dentistry are constantly increasing. Thanks to new approaches regarding dental problems, it’s gotten a lot easier to deal with speech issues, complex dental problems or any possible gastro-intestinal pathologies that can rise. With help from artificial teeth presented as implants, you will be able to enjoy a normal life. The great thing is that artificial teeth are very similar to the natural ones, they use high quality titan and they are very similar to the original teeth. It’s also a solution that’s fully compatible with your body. However, it’s important to hire a professional that will
help insert the implant adequately and with great success.

If you choose us, we will guarantee the insertion of high quality implants. At the same time, we help you lower costs while also avoiding any possible complications. With our assistance and support, you will find it easier to recover quickly. Implant integration is performed through a process named osteointegration. What it does is it helps dental implants create a very powerful bond with the mandible. This process itself can take up to 6-12 months depending on the patient.

We guarantee

Medical experts

Our implants are installed only by qualified professionals with a lot of experience in the industry. We have a vetted expert with 37 years of experience and which has a perfect track record.


We are very professional and we always work with experts to plan the implant process and we also choose the components with the utmost attention. This is why our patients have a very good success rate of over 98%.

Painless procedures

It’s very important for us to help patients avoid any pain. That’s why we only choose methods that help prevent or eliminate pain, all while avoiding any downsides that may appear.

No more infections

We examine the implant location to ensure that there won’t be any inflammation. On top of that, we also study that location to see if there are any remains from previous work other dentists did on that spot.

Bone restoration

Our practice will also help restore the artificial bone with help from bone materials. This will help reconstruct the alveolar bone. Our doctors will help reconstruct the bone tissue up to 99%. As a result, this will make the implant a success.

Risk assessment

We work closely with the best manufacturers on the market to acquire and use implants that suit every type of bone tissue. Due to that, there’s no way to encounter any problems. We assess every client to find the right implant dimension and shape, all while taking into account the bone particularities.

Implant stabilization

We also perform the orthodontic assessment to ensure that our customers obtain the best possible experience and results. We study how your bites will start stabilizing the implants and provide the necessary guidance and support.

Support and guarantee

Thanks to the high level of knowledge, professionalism and experience of our doctors. When treating teeth, we are always looking for ways to perform the procedures expertly, quickly, and efficiently.

Our advantages

Saniodent is widely regarded as one of the highest standard dental practice in the world of maxilo-facial surgery.

Modern equipment

We use only top of the line equipment, the best one on the market.

High quality treatments

Saniodent only hires the best dentists on the market, professionals that are always up to date with the industry requirements and which work hard to offer simple, reliable dental solutions.

Comfortable space

We make it very easy for you to enjoy your time when you visit us, and we eliminate any possible challenges.

Great pricing

It’s important for us to assure customers that they have the best dental services without dealing with high price points.

Free consultation

The first consultation is free, so you can easily come to us and we will make a proper assessment of your dental health.

Quality assurance

We are always up to date with the industry standards and requirements, and we offer only the best services on the market.

Implant stages

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  • Free consultation

    Step 2

  • Treatment plan

    Step 3

  • Treatment procedure

    Step 4


Dental treatment/ Dental service Standard Prices
Traditional Dental implant (two stage) + abutment (Israel, Alpha Bio) 250 €
Traditional Dental implant (two stage) + abutment (Korea, Megagen) 500 €
Sinus Lifting (maxillary sinus filling with organic material) Up to 225 €