About Our Clinic

A team of professionals are the core of the SanioDent Dental Centre. For over 25 years, our specialists have been providing high-level services and creating a comfortable, even relaxed, atmosphere for our patients. We offer a complete range of dental services and treatments, from prevention of decay right through to cosmetic dentistry. In working with patients, we are guided by key values such ​​as respect, honesty, loyalty and professionalism. We value you, just as we value all our customers!

For us, dental treatment is primarily:

  • Painless – which is achieved by equipping the clinic with the most modern anesthetics
  • Comfort – because we have invested in modern and reliable equipment
  • Quality assurance – thanks to the high level of knowledge, professionalism and experience of our doctors.

Our patients know that their dental health is in good hands at our clinic, as we use certified equipment and preparations for the processing and sterilization of instruments. We are not here just to take your money: we consider it appropriate to provide you with a consultation right at the very beginning of our relationship with you.

A free consultation at SanioDent Clinic is an opportunity to undergo a complete comprehensive examination of the oral cavity, learn about solutions to problems, get a treatment plan and establish our recommendations for your dental care. When treating teeth, we are always looking for ways to perform the procedures expertly, quickly, and efficiently.

It is a source of great pleasure for us that, over the years, our patients trust us with the most valuable thing – their health!