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How it works


Prepare for a dental tourism trip

Before going on a medical trip to receive dental care, it is necessary to consider all the details of your trip, your state of health and the medical care that you wish to engage. Statistics place Republic of Moldova as the leading destination for dental tourism in Europe. Traveling to Moldova is therefore one of the safest decision to make when planning a dental tourism trip. Please always check with your doctors to make sure that your health conditions are suitable for traveling and to receive the treatments you have chosen to take. Although you don’t need visa to enter Moldova, you will need the Passport. You had better make sure that your passport is valid for at least three months at the moment of entering Moldova.


First contact, preliminary offer for your treatment

You can find our Dental Clinic Saniodent on the internet, on Facebook. Our contact details are public, use any of them to contact us. To do so, first of all you have to do a panoramic X-ray or 3D computer tomography and send it to us through our on-line contact form. You should include also your contacts, describe your problem and indicate your preferences regarding the treatment. You will find the details of the most common treatments we offer on our website, but we perform the full range of dental care. If you have any doubts or have any questions, please ask for the missing information about any treatment so that our doctors and dentists can answer you:

  • Write an e-mail www…
  • Leave us a message on our site,
  • Call us by phone. It only costs you the price of a local call (check with your phone service provider)
  • Request a free callback on our site,
  • Call us or write us on Viber,
  • Call us or write us on Skype. Our ID is:
  • Comment on Facebook or write us on Messenger

We can send you a preliminary quote by e-mail free of charge, based on the information you have provided us, it is all without any commitment on your part. You only need to fill in our online quote request form, where you can tell us about your special requirements as well. The second part of the questionnaire about your state of health is optional. However, this part serves to clarify your current state, so that our doctors can establish the most accurate preliminary quote possible. Your right to confidentiality, according to the applicable laws in Moldova, will be respected at all costs, you can thus provide us with all relevant information. The quote is prepared in 1-3 business days by our dentists. Unless you specify that you do not want to be bothered by our phone call, we usually call you as well after sending you the quote to see if you have any further questions perhaps and to clarify the details of your dental quote if necessary. In your quote, you will be fully informed about the steps of your dental treatment, the duration of the treatment, the number of visits needed to perform the care, the materials and brands used along with the guarantee conditions and of course the fees for each step and the total amount.


Preparation of your personalized, comprehensive treatment plan and your first trip

Once you have decided to come to Moldova, we start to organize your whole trip, which usually takes place the following way:

  • You send us the dates you have chosen for your arrival
  • We reserve these dates at the clinic
  • You book your plane ticket at a good price – we can help you in the process if necessary
  • Knowing the exact dates of your arrival and departure, we confirm the appointment dates at the clinic
  • We reserve your accommodation in one of our partner hotels if they suit you
  • We receive you at Chisinau airport to accompany you to your accommodation and then to the dental clinic
  • We will provide you a translator that will ensure you a perfect comprehension between you and the dentist
  • We provide you with support and assistance during your whole stay
  • We will take you and accompany you to the airport when you leave

We always start with an examination in Chisinau,Republic of Moldova. The dentists and the surgeon check your overall health condition and the state of your teeth and jaws. The doctors compile the treatment plan that usually corresponds to the preliminary estimate you have been sent. At this point, you still have the option of modifying the treatment plan.


Fulfillment of your dental care at affordable prices Chisinau,Republic of Moldova

Our dentists perform all dental care with superior quality according to the plan for your dental treatment. You may need to come several times to complete the treatment plan, the organization of each of your trips to Chisinau will take place similarly as described above.


Last stay, your return home and follow-up of your dental treatments

After the last stay, we will give you advice on how to maintain your dental state and explain the steps you can take to maintain your oral hygiene. We present you the certificate of guarantee. Together we establish the monitoring plan. If you authorise us, we can remind you of the dates when any action needs to be taken, for example, when the time of your annual check-up examination is coming up. If you have had dental implants inserted, we will issue you a dental implant passport containing all the information about your implants.