Dental Price List, Chisinau – MOLDOVA

Dental treatment/ Dental serviceStandard Prices (euro)
Local Anesthesia3 €
Traditional Dental implant (two stage) + abutment (Israel, Alpha Bio)250 €
Traditional Dental implant (two stage) + abutment (Korea, Megagen)500 €
Porcelain Crown with metal insert (metal-ceramic crown)90 €
Porcelain crown on implant (Metal-ceramic crown cemented on implant)125 €
Full porcelain ceramic crown (metal free ceramic crowns)190 €
Porcelain crown on implant (ceramic crown cemented on implant)250 €
Zirconium crown190 €
Zirconium crown on implant250 €
Porcelain (ceramic) Crown with Platinum insert150 €
Porcelain Veneer/ restoration in pressed porcelain ceramic250 €
Flexible partial dentures unilateral (Removable Partial Dentures) unilateral100 €
Total o partial Flexible dentures350 €
Partial denture with clasps350 €
Partial Dentures with with spherical locks450 €
Partial micro-dentures with with spherical locks220 €
Partial denture with 2 attachments950 €
Partial micro-denture with 1 attachment400 €
Dental Filings photopolymer composite /white fillings (tooth decay, caries)50 €
Root canal treatment (tooth with 1 root)35 €
Root canal treatment (tooth with 2 roots)70 €
Root canal treatment (tooth with 3-4 roots)105 €
Esthetical tooth reconstruction with photopolymer125 €
Extraction of temporary or permanent tooth25 €
Complicated extraction of the tooth/ Atypical extraction50 €
Professional cleaning of teeth (upper and lower)45 €
Ultrasonic tartar removal and polishing45 €
Chemical Tooth whitening150 €
Advanced Teeth bleaching with Opalescence Boost250 €
Panoramic radiography (X-ray)25 €
3D radiography50 €
Sinus Lifting (maxillary sinus filling with organic material)Up to 225 €